Thursday, 8 December 2011

Primark & Lush Haul.

Hey guys

Ive got a small Primark haul and a Lush haul for you guys!

Lets start with Jewellery!

I Really like crosses at the moment, but its hard to find a good looking one in a budget shop suck as primark so i jumped at this when i saw it! The chain is very long which i love. Some of these in the shop had the middle gem missing so i may remove it myself and stick it back in with some super glue! This was £2.50

This was love at first sight!, im loving the new long chains that are in primark at the moment, this comes nearly to my belly button most of my chains come the bust line. Personally i prefer silver look jewellery to gold especially when its cheap like this. This was £2.00

The Next thing i got is this wool style dress, I couldnt get a good picture of the whole dress so here is just a part of it. It is short sleeved and comes to just above the knee and has two pocket details at the bottom. Here is a closer picture of the actual pattern.
I love this style for the winter!. Some thick tights/leggings and a long sleeved tops under it! nice and cozy!. It was a bit pricey though at £12 for a dress in primark is a little steep i think, but there were some skirts in there that were the same design as this and they were £10 so this has to be better value than that.

Primark have some great hand bags in at the moment. I could have easily bought 5 or 6 of them! but i stopped myself at 2 which was hard for a self confessed handbag-a-holic like me! There is plenty of room in this bag to store all my rubbish! Here is a picture of the inside of the bad
The picture does'nt really do the color justice, It is a fantastic lime green color which is currently one of my favs! It was £8.00

This is the last thing i have to haul from Primark, although i did get 2 pairs of leggings which seem a better quaility than the usial primark leggings they were sill only £3.00. Now back to the bag! its got a nice long over the shoulder handle, I like the mustard color too but even more than that i love the price! It was down from £7, it was now £3.00! They had some more colors so i might pop down soon and get a few more!!

Now onto the LUSH stuff!!

I get really excited everytime i go into lush but i always seem to come out with pretty much the same stuff all the time! I need to be more adventurous.

The first thing i got was SNOW FAIRY!, Honestly if you havent tried this and you love sweet smells and smells of candy. I watched a load of youtube videos where the gurus were raving about this but always pushed it to one side and never even smelt it before!. untill this year when i bit the bullet and got a small bottle. Its now my fav! I love it so much i went and bought the bigest bottle they do which is the 500g one! Normally spending £9.95 on shower gel would be way out of the question for me, i thought spending the £3 on the small bottle was too much i just couldnt resist it!.

The next thing is got is 'The Comforter' Bubble bar, This smells like blackcurrent! Not in a cheap cordial juice can of way but in a lovely fresh blackcurrent kind of way, I got quite a big chunk here i have yet to try this one but i do love the bubble bars, i never leave lush with out buying one. This was £3.99

Ive heard alot about the luch lip scrubs but mainly the 'Bubblegum' one that they do, ive not really heard alot bout this one! This one is called 'Pow Wow' it tastes like lime jelly babies! which at my favourite kind of jelly baby! It also has  something the others dont have! POPPING CANDY!!, I havent had pop rocks since i was a kid they were amazing! i have used loads of this up because i just can't stop dipping my fingers in it, it feels like i am craving this!! This was £4.75

The very last thing in the haul is a very smashed up and broken 'Candy Mountain' I boyfriend decided to use this while i was out and he totally poulverised it!. It is another bubble bar, this one smells obviously like candy from the name its very sweet! And it sends your bath water a great pinky color! This was £2.35

Thank Zoie x

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