Sunday, 22 September 2013

Moving blogs!!!

I've been feeling unenthusiastic about my blog lately so I've decided it is time for a fresh start and to start blogging properly.

I've set up a new blog with a new name, so please come join me over at The Beauty Plot

New email is:
Instagram and twitter are still the same for now and you can find me @zoiexloves on both of those platforms.

Hope to see you at the new place. :)

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Urban decay Ammo palette!

I am absolutely in love with urban decays latest palette and as you can imagine by the name it is full of metallics. I bought this a few weeks ago and it's just been sat on my vanity waiting to be used, I wish I had used it sooner because the some of the colours are out of this world!.

I was slightly disappointed that there are three colours out of the ten that have been in previous UD palettes. Smog, Chopper and Sin although they are brilliant I would have preferred other colours.

The palette comes with a lovely little travel size 11ml tube of primer potion in the new squeezy packaging and a travel size synthetic shadow brush.

Now for the swatches!.

From left to right.
Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call and Chopper

Maui Wowie, Polyester Bride, Grifter, Sin and Shattered.

I adore Shattered and Oil Slick which is ver similar to MACs Cinderfella but personally I prefer Oil Slick.
Zoie x
RRP: £23.

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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Urban decay, Naked Flushed palette

I have had this product for around three weeks now and I can safely say I love it.

The bronzer is amazing, when I was at my palest (I'm talking milk like pale!) I didn't have to worry about it looking orange. Now that I'm not so pale (thanks sun bed) it is just as good. The highlight shade is also brilliant it has a nice pinky irredessant sheen to it, personally I love a shimmery cheek so I layer this up without it going cakey. The blush is very pigmented and is a lovely deep but dusky pink, I'm pretty sure you could find a good dupe on the market though. 

I would recommend this product to anyone.
Costs £20

Zoie x

Monday, 3 June 2013

Summer is here at long last.

It's looking like summer is finally here we are having some lovely weather in the UK at the moment, which always gets me thinking of tanning!.

I recently spent three days in Majorca on a girls holiday and it got me thinking how nice it would be to have a proper tan for once rather than going on holiday or even getting the shorts out at home for that matter and looking like a ghost then having horrible tan lines.

So I decided time to get tanned and stay tanned, I've tried a lot of different at home fake tans most of which I haven't gotten on with and I've ended up streaky and a little orange which I hate hate hate I would rather be pale!. I've even tried the professional spray tan I stood (topless!!!) in a booth while an orange lady sprayed me, the whole experience was an ordeal and one that I'm not keen to try again. I was sticky for hours, smelt funny and generally uncomfortable until I washed it off that night all of that to only have one day worth of good tan.

That brings me to my latest tanning adventures and the controversial subject of tanning beds. I've joined up to kwiktan and so far I'm loving it! It's a lot less money than any other tanning route. It's not as scary as i thought it was going to be either with the new style stand up beds.

There is so much controversy around this it's unreal, there are lots of things around talking you the dangers of using a sun bed And there is no doubting there are some risks and it is NOT for everyone and not everyone's skin can handle it if you are one of those people that burns really easily rather than tans then you should stay away as the salon will put your safety over your custom. 

You can be safe using the beds make sure you only use it for a few minutes and protect your skin which the salon can advise you on.

I would love to hear what your tanning routine is!.

Zoie x

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer

I've had this product for a while now and is pretty much all used up (thinking of doing a all used up video & post, what do you think?). I feel I've used this enough to warrent a review.
There are three parts to this products four if you count the mirror!, the powder at the top the mirror on the other side of the powder and the correcting concealer at the bottom next to the concealer. The packaging it felt a little flimsy at first and after the first few uses never actually closed again, then it proceeded to fall apart completly so if you looking for a concealer for your handbag avoid this!.
I really love this product the concealer has a great consistancy its very smooth and creamy and for the past few months I have reached for this over my benefit erase paste and boi-ing. The correction concealer works really well and is the perfect shade for my pale skin. The regular concealer is a touch too dark for me but put under my foundation works a treat. The powder is great too, is white translucent im no convinced this would work with every skin tone. You can tell the powder has been finely milled and is very smooth and silk like.
I will be repurchasing this, I could'nt imagin the higher end concealers to be much better.
It costs £10 and you can find it at Boots.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

YSL shocking mascara.

When planning my wedding and deciding to do my own make-up second to getting a really good high end foundation was getting a high end mascara and after spending an hour in boots looking at all the high end counters I opted for the YSL Shocking mascara.

I wish I could say this was worth the £23 I paid for it but I honestly can't. The packaging is my favorite over all other mascara packaging, its not the packaging that counts though right.
So onto the product within, the scent for me is too heavy and powdery, I'm more use to scent free mascara, I'm not sure if that would be a problem for sensitive eyes, if you have sensitive eye try and get a sample or get the girl on the counter to try it on you before you buy. The wand looks and feels like your bog standard wand with bristle that you would get in a much cheaper mascara.
Overall i will not be purchasing this again, I do like the product but its not a LOVE and for £23 it is not worth the cash. I will be buying from my favorite mascara brand maybelline which I think are better than the YSL and cost around £7/8. After all the good things I was hearing about this mascara I am really disappointed with it and YSL have totally put me off high end Mascara!.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lush ... Fun?

Now I'm a hugh Lush fan, but im not a Lush 'Collector'. I like to go and get what I want and when im all used up I go back and do it all again. So I have quite long periods where I don't go in store and I miss most of the new releases but tend to hear about them around the beauty community. Fun was the exeption I had not heard a single thing about it when i saw the play dough looking thing on the Lush checkout counter.
Fun is a 4 in 1 Body wash, Shampoo, Bubble bath and Hand wash for your clothes. It smells fantastic very simular to most of their candy themed products which personally I can't get enough of. It could so easily get mistaken for actual play dough, I'm sure you could have some great fun making models with the kids!.
I am yet to try this as a shampoo, bubble bath or a hand wash I have however tried it as a body wash. I wish this product foamed up more although you get a nice little lather, leaves you feeling clean and generally is a great body wash I fail to see how it will clean my thick and overly greasy hair or my husbands dirty socks. Also im doubtful to wether it will make bubbles for a bubble bath.
I am not going to write this one out just yet though because I do think it is a great novalty body wash and it really smells fantastic. I will give it a good go and try it in my hair.
Fun comes in about 4 other scents I believe but this was by far the my favourite.
It costs £5 for 200g.
Thanks for reading
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