Thursday, 12 April 2012

Ruby Woo - MAC & Dupe.

I finally got around to getting this lipstick ive been eyeing it up for a while and ive heard so much great stuff about it!.

Its a fantastic color and im very glad that i bought it. The matte finish is fantastic, doesnt dry out my lips and weres very well. This is the first MAC matte lipstick and im deffintly going to get checking out more of them!

If you are looking for a simular color but not a matte, Ruby Red by Collection (Previously Collection 2000) is a fantastic alternative. Also if you are wanting to make the collection lipstick matte you can easily pat a little bit of HD powder onto your lips with your finger, this will make your lipstick matte.

Ruby red, Collection - Ruby Woo, MAC

Whats your favourite Matte Lipstick?.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Best Glitter Nail Polish ... In the entire world! for £1.99!. - NOTD

Ok, so maybe not the entire world.. Well i havent tried every glitter nail polish in the world, nothing that i have tried has competed!.

This is at two days old!, No top coat.

If you havent already tried W7 glitter polishsthen i would recommend them!, I adore them although ive always thought of glitter polish to be more of a festive thing not all the neons and nudes in the world will keep me away from them this season.

The only bad thing i would say about this polish is that the brushes arent great, they are the bog standard brushes. Also the consistancy of some that i have bought have been too thin but after a little while they thicken out as the begin to 'dry' out. I love my really old ones that are all gluepy because its so easy to get this amazing coverage on your nails!, did i mention this is one yes ONE coat with a old polish!.

You can find these at your local budget cosmetics shop for around £1.99 our shop has a 3 for £5 offer on all of the time too.

Zoie x