Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Best Glitter Nail Polish ... In the entire world! for £1.99!. - NOTD

Ok, so maybe not the entire world.. Well i havent tried every glitter nail polish in the world, nothing that i have tried has competed!.

This is at two days old!, No top coat.

If you havent already tried W7 glitter polishsthen i would recommend them!, I adore them although ive always thought of glitter polish to be more of a festive thing not all the neons and nudes in the world will keep me away from them this season.

The only bad thing i would say about this polish is that the brushes arent great, they are the bog standard brushes. Also the consistancy of some that i have bought have been too thin but after a little while they thicken out as the begin to 'dry' out. I love my really old ones that are all gluepy because its so easy to get this amazing coverage on your nails!, did i mention this is one yes ONE coat with a old polish!.

You can find these at your local budget cosmetics shop for around £1.99 our shop has a 3 for £5 offer on all of the time too.

Zoie x

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