Sunday, 26 February 2012

Maybelline Dream nude Airfoam foundation!

I nearly didnt try this product because of all the negative posts about it, It was on offer in superdrug and decided to give it a go!.

I found the color match to be really good, im about a NC15/20 in mac so im quite pale and this is a great match. Im usially a Light porclain in Maybelline Dream satin liquid which is my go to foundation and has been for a long time now. If you are struggling to find your shade you can look at all the colors on there website -

Ive seen a few videos on youtube of people putting the foundation on and it not turning out right, most of those people were applying it wrong. If you follow the instructions on the can it works ok, its nothing groundbreaking but it works. I shaked the can and applied a bit on the back of my hand dapped my finger in it a tiny bit and applied it to my face in small circular motions. This does take longer than it would do to use a normal foundation so if you are stuck for time go with something else. For people with dry skin this is a complete no go! If you read my previous post about my dry skin once it had started to get better and no burning i put some of this on and it just clinges to all the dry and looks awful. It would be better for people with oily/normal skin.

Overall i liked this foundation but probibly wouldnt repurchase and im sure i will use it up in time.

Zoie x

Clearasil Perfecta Wash.

When i first saw this on some well known american youtube channels i couldnt wait to try it!.

It has an electronic senser pump dispenser which i think is a great consept!, I have the ones for hand soaps which i love.

It is easy to put together and simple to use, you also get the batterys with the pack which is always a bonus.

Now comes my honest review. At first i was very pleased with it. I fount the dispenser very convenient and the product smelt lovely!. I used it for 5 days and followed the instructions to a T, now is the bad part. It dried my skin out completely i have normal skin maybe a little oily around my nose at the end of a day but never ever dry. There was worse to come than a bit of dry skin! my face started to burn and it was a consistant burning sensation my skin started to peal and was very red, i couldnt even put a sensitive moisturiser on. I didnt get rid of any spots at all if anything it made them worse. I couldnt wear make-up anything that came incontact with my skin burnt! therefore i didnt leave the house for a week!.

I am currently waiting to hear from the Clearasil customer service, on reading the ingredients there is nothing that immediatly makes me think illergic reaction.

I would not recommend this product to anyone but if you have bought this product i recommend trying it out on a very small area of skin to avoid going through what i have been through.

You can get this in superdrug for £8.99

Zoie x

Monday, 20 February 2012

February 2012 Glossybox!

Hey guys!,

Firstly i want to appologise for the lack of photos, I usially take me pictures with my phone which is currently in the shop getting a new screen.

But, I didnt want to miss posting about the glossy box!. When i first opened the box i was really excited to see a Becca product! Ive hear a few gurus talk about these and ive been wanting to try them! Better still the sample isnt a sample at all, its a full size product worth £20!.

Even better still there is another full size product in the bunch! Heres everything that came in my box.

  • Becca Beach Tint Watermelon - Full sized 7ml - Worth £20
  • DR Bronner Lavender hand sanitiser - Full sized 59ml - Worth £3.99
  • Awapuhi By Paul Mitchell Wild ginger treatment oil - 25ml - Full sized 100ml - Worth £6.48
  • BM Beauty Pure mineral eyeshadow - 1g - Full sized 2g - Worth £3.50
  • Como Shambhaka Invigorate Shower gel - 50ml - Full sized 300ml - Worth £3.33
Im very excited about this one.
What did you get in your box?

Zoie x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Eldora eyelashes! - 50% off code!.

Hey guys

After receiving the Eldora hand made Eyelashes in the January Carmine box I was very pleased with the quality!.
I revceived the B110 Lashes in my box

On the Carmine Card it gave your a 50% off code for Eldoras complete range!!. Now im not usially one for lashes (because i can't always put them on right) but i have been practicing and i can say i have gotten better so it was time to get some better quality lashes!.

I ordered £30 worth of lashes and paid only £15 and delivery was free!, I got 7 pairs for that!!.

They have some fantastic ones on their site from Human hair to feathers anad fabric!. I stayed away from the feathers and fabric though, not my cup of tea.

If you want 50% off your oder the code is: eldoracarmine2012
The code expires on Feb 29th 2012.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 9 February 2012

January Carmine Box 2012!

Hey guys,

So i know you are thinking, why is she posting this!. This box has been out for ages!.
This box was already out when i orderd it!, I orderd it because i had seen people get the FAT eye liner from eyeko and i wanted it!!. They are £10 from the eyeko website.
I was about to order it when i heard that Carmine were having a half price offer for your first box, so i get the eye liner and the whole box for less than what i was going to pay on the eyeko website!.

I got im my box:
Eyeko Fat eye stick in Black
Eldora eye lashes in B110
Balance me Radiance face oil
Korres Wild rose moisturiser
Westlab Himalayan bath salts

I am very pleased with my box and i am going to be keeping my subscription up!

If you want to take advantage of the first box half price offer visit them at

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Free L'Oreal shampoo & conditioner!

Hey guys.

L'Oreal are giving away free full sized samples of their new shampoo & conditioner!!

Hurry because it is while stocks last!