Sunday, 26 February 2012

Clearasil Perfecta Wash.

When i first saw this on some well known american youtube channels i couldnt wait to try it!.

It has an electronic senser pump dispenser which i think is a great consept!, I have the ones for hand soaps which i love.

It is easy to put together and simple to use, you also get the batterys with the pack which is always a bonus.

Now comes my honest review. At first i was very pleased with it. I fount the dispenser very convenient and the product smelt lovely!. I used it for 5 days and followed the instructions to a T, now is the bad part. It dried my skin out completely i have normal skin maybe a little oily around my nose at the end of a day but never ever dry. There was worse to come than a bit of dry skin! my face started to burn and it was a consistant burning sensation my skin started to peal and was very red, i couldnt even put a sensitive moisturiser on. I didnt get rid of any spots at all if anything it made them worse. I couldnt wear make-up anything that came incontact with my skin burnt! therefore i didnt leave the house for a week!.

I am currently waiting to hear from the Clearasil customer service, on reading the ingredients there is nothing that immediatly makes me think illergic reaction.

I would not recommend this product to anyone but if you have bought this product i recommend trying it out on a very small area of skin to avoid going through what i have been through.

You can get this in superdrug for £8.99

Zoie x

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