Monday, 13 February 2012

Eldora eyelashes! - 50% off code!.

Hey guys

After receiving the Eldora hand made Eyelashes in the January Carmine box I was very pleased with the quality!.
I revceived the B110 Lashes in my box

On the Carmine Card it gave your a 50% off code for Eldoras complete range!!. Now im not usially one for lashes (because i can't always put them on right) but i have been practicing and i can say i have gotten better so it was time to get some better quality lashes!.

I ordered £30 worth of lashes and paid only £15 and delivery was free!, I got 7 pairs for that!!.

They have some fantastic ones on their site from Human hair to feathers anad fabric!. I stayed away from the feathers and fabric though, not my cup of tea.

If you want 50% off your oder the code is: eldoracarmine2012
The code expires on Feb 29th 2012.

Thanks for reading

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