Wednesday, 31 October 2012

YSL shocking mascara.

When planning my wedding and deciding to do my own make-up second to getting a really good high end foundation was getting a high end mascara and after spending an hour in boots looking at all the high end counters I opted for the YSL Shocking mascara.

I wish I could say this was worth the £23 I paid for it but I honestly can't. The packaging is my favorite over all other mascara packaging, its not the packaging that counts though right.
So onto the product within, the scent for me is too heavy and powdery, I'm more use to scent free mascara, I'm not sure if that would be a problem for sensitive eyes, if you have sensitive eye try and get a sample or get the girl on the counter to try it on you before you buy. The wand looks and feels like your bog standard wand with bristle that you would get in a much cheaper mascara.
Overall i will not be purchasing this again, I do like the product but its not a LOVE and for £23 it is not worth the cash. I will be buying from my favorite mascara brand maybelline which I think are better than the YSL and cost around £7/8. After all the good things I was hearing about this mascara I am really disappointed with it and YSL have totally put me off high end Mascara!.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Lush ... Fun?

Now I'm a hugh Lush fan, but im not a Lush 'Collector'. I like to go and get what I want and when im all used up I go back and do it all again. So I have quite long periods where I don't go in store and I miss most of the new releases but tend to hear about them around the beauty community. Fun was the exeption I had not heard a single thing about it when i saw the play dough looking thing on the Lush checkout counter.
Fun is a 4 in 1 Body wash, Shampoo, Bubble bath and Hand wash for your clothes. It smells fantastic very simular to most of their candy themed products which personally I can't get enough of. It could so easily get mistaken for actual play dough, I'm sure you could have some great fun making models with the kids!.
I am yet to try this as a shampoo, bubble bath or a hand wash I have however tried it as a body wash. I wish this product foamed up more although you get a nice little lather, leaves you feeling clean and generally is a great body wash I fail to see how it will clean my thick and overly greasy hair or my husbands dirty socks. Also im doubtful to wether it will make bubbles for a bubble bath.
I am not going to write this one out just yet though because I do think it is a great novalty body wash and it really smells fantastic. I will give it a good go and try it in my hair.
Fun comes in about 4 other scents I believe but this was by far the my favourite.
It costs £5 for 200g.
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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Nail polish Collection 2012

Nail polish collection 2012
So after weeks and weeks of not being able to find the nail polish in my collection that i wanted because of the huge mess everything was in i decided today is the day I sort it out!.
I dug out all of my empty Glossybox boxes and began organising!.
Now all my nail polishes are boxed by color, as are my nail art pens. I'm thinking i need to find a better way to store the nail art pens as they are 3 layers deep and getting the the bottom layer isnt going to be the easiest task!. Any ideas on that one?.

Friday, 19 October 2012

Where have I been?

Well hello there.....

I feel like i have been absent from the blogging & YouTubing world for such a long time!, Well its been two and a half months since i last blogged!.

Well to cut a long story short i got MARRIED!! on the 13th of October, Who knew planning a wedding was so stressful and time consuming?, I certainly didnt but now i do!. So i am now a wife and jumping back on the blogging band wagon.

I have some posts planned for the next few weeks. Maybe including a weight loss post / update.

See you soon!