Monday, 5 December 2011

Nail Rock Nail Wraps Review & Test.

Hey Guys!

I really wanted to try the Nails Rock Nail wraps that i got in my glossy box last month so i thought i would do a small review for you. I have taken a picture of my nails every day since i applied them.

The Application its self was fairly easy but i wouldnt say these are got beginners, i got a few bumps around the edges of mine and i regularly do my nails with nail art, by no means am i a nail expert / tech i just love to do my nails.

Day 1
I did try and put a top coat on them but it seemed to peel straight off when it had dried.

Day 2
It seems to have started to peel around the edges pretty quick!

Day 3
Not much change today, although around the cuticle area on my index finger has started to bubble up

Day 4
Not much of a change, but i did try and tidy the edges up with a nail file.

Day 5
I was thinking about removing them on this day because i felt they now were really starting to look scruffy.

Day 6
This is the day that i removed them, they were looking way to scruffy and starting to peel

6 Days for me is a really good lasting product, nail polish with a top coat could last around 3 days at a push!. I do really like them and i am impressed with the length of time they lasted and i would purchase these for special occations but i would not pay the £6.65 price for regular use.

Zoie x

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