Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Soap & Glory Kick ass concealer

I've had this product for a while now and is pretty much all used up (thinking of doing a all used up video & post, what do you think?). I feel I've used this enough to warrent a review.
There are three parts to this products four if you count the mirror!, the powder at the top the mirror on the other side of the powder and the correcting concealer at the bottom next to the concealer. The packaging it felt a little flimsy at first and after the first few uses never actually closed again, then it proceeded to fall apart completly so if you looking for a concealer for your handbag avoid this!.
I really love this product the concealer has a great consistancy its very smooth and creamy and for the past few months I have reached for this over my benefit erase paste and boi-ing. The correction concealer works really well and is the perfect shade for my pale skin. The regular concealer is a touch too dark for me but put under my foundation works a treat. The powder is great too, is white translucent im no convinced this would work with every skin tone. You can tell the powder has been finely milled and is very smooth and silk like.
I will be repurchasing this, I could'nt imagin the higher end concealers to be much better.
It costs £10 and you can find it at Boots.

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