Saturday, 7 January 2012

My new years resolutions!

Hey guys,

I dont know why i didnt post this a week ago but its been hectic here over new year!.

I wanted to share my new years resolutions as ive enjoyed reading everyone elses, so i will get started.

1. Firstly about 99% of people have the same resolution (or there abouts) Is to loose weight!, I have put on so much weight this year it is almost unreal! I dont feel right in alot of my clothes right now and feel my health is starting to suffer!, also i put on weight on my face first, i have a big fat puffy face right now! :(. So the healthy eating and the workouts have begun ive got alot of weight to shift and im not planing on giving up and of my lovely goodies just cutting down so im working extra hard!.

2. Take care of my skin!, I have resonably good skin but i do not take good enough care of it!, Late at night i will just use a facial wipe to get my make-up off and slap some moisturiser on before i fall asleep!. I know i need to wash my face but after a very long day i just want to fall asleep, as a result i break out because i still have make up on my face. Not this year!, Im going to do my routine every evening, no matter how tierd i am!

3. Is to move house!, Which has already been taken care of! Ive been very pro active in looking for a house, ive found the perfect place and we are moving in at the end of the month, so i can really check this one of the list already!.

4. This last one isnt so much a Resolution because it is very much out of my control but its a big choice we have made in our life and there is no going back. Ive known for a while (most of my life acctually) that i wanted a family and 2012 IS the year it will happen for us!. If we do manage to get pregnant i will be starting a pregnancy blog.

That is if for my resolutions for 2012 i think they are achievable and im going to be working my hardest to make them all a reality.

Thanks for reading
Zoie x

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